Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Beautiful Fall

November 2011

I think Autumn is my favorite season. Today the air is crisp after storms last night. I have always wanted to do a fall colors trip of New England and we are planning it for next year.  I again live in an area where fall colors can be so beautiful.  When we drove back from California, last month, we took a different route, through the Rockies, and I took some pictures of the lovely aspens changing. It is a fantastic drive and deserving of classical music playing in the  background as you drive.

It was a beautiful day and we crossed the Colorado River several times and somewhere as we were driving up the Rockies we must have passed the origination.
We had to stop in the small town of Glenwood Springs (I Think) we took these pictures while we waited for our breaks to cool down.  It was a steep drive for the truck and trailer.
Our leaves started to die during the drought but the walnut tree are turning yellow and in the afternoon there is a soft Golden haze that filters into the living room.The wind is really blowing today and when I went out to take the picture, many of the leaves were gone.

 Last year the walnuts were dropping all over the place by now and I was twisting my ankles every time I walked through the yard. I have only seen a few this year and I don't think we will have to pick them up. November is the final drop month so we will see. The squirrels will be the ones that will really miss them.  From the picture it looks like not much is left.  The Maples on the north side of the house are just beginning to change, so I have posted last year's picture above.


  1. I love fall too, I mean when I live somewhere there is fall. The pictures are gorgeous. How fun to see it as you drove across the country.
    The East Coast is like nothing I've ever seen in the fall.

  2. Lovely picture. Hubs and I did the trip 'New England in the Fall'. It was our best ever trip.

  3. Beautiful pics BC!

    New England in the Fall is on our 'to do' list of trips, maybe next year.