Thursday, October 18, 2012

Broken-MamaKat's Prompt

My plans for my living room have been delayed by a day or two but I haven't been lazy.  I have vacuumed, moved furniture and cleaned the woodwork all in preparation to shampoo the carpet. I got the ol' Bissel out of the garage, cleaned it out and proceeded  to shampoo the carpet.  It's still damp tonght because the extractor was not operating correctly.  It's BROKEN! The spots are gone, however they will be back because all of the shampoo I used, is still in the carpet.

This is at least the 3rd shampooer I have had in the last 10 years or so.   They don't really hold up that well for me.  having dogs, I use it alot. I looked at the removable nozzle, not knowing for sure it was removable at the time, and it was clogged with dog hair. Using my tool of choice, a kitchen knife, I tried to remove it, but it was stuck.   Being made of hard plastic, as most appliance parts are, I manage to break the top, leaving it cracked.  I broke it ! Not even duct tape rescued me.  I was so upset, I ripped the cord out of the wall and wheeled it out on the front porch, essentially kicking it to the curb for Friday's trash pick-up.

After I calmed down and set the fans up. I went to the computer to price a new one. Yowza! I dragged it back in to the house and looked it over again. I decided to see if Bissel had a replacement part and they DID and it cost $14.99. It is ordered and on it's way. Hope it works.  I am learning if it's broke, try to fix it.


  1. It's always worth trying to get a part to fix something I've found. I used to go through Vacuum cleaners and Irons like someone not right!

  2. Bless your heart. I was just walking through our television room this morning thinking how I so need to rent a steamer. (a dog and a cat -- not to mention children do a number on a rug.) Good luck with the part. I did the same thing with my vacuum cleaner a little while ago. It works great now.

  3. I feel your frustration. I had a shampooing machine that worked wonderfully well until it gave up the ghost. The new one is USELESS. I just cannot get it remove the surplus water. I daren't even switch it on now.