Saturday, February 22, 2014

Two Saturday 9=Saturday 18

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) In this song, our hero tells Susan that "no other girl could ever take the place of you." Crazy Sam feels that no other earmuffs could ever take the place of the ones she left in restaurant coat room last month. Tell us about something you recently broke, lost or misplaced. 
I recently broke a bridge in my mouth and I had to have it temporarily fixed so I could go to CA.  I have to have it replaced soon. $$$$$ The fix is deteriorating.  

2) When this song was first released back in 1968, the name Susan was very popular. According the Social Security Administration, it was one of the top 10 baby girl names of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Today it's not even in the top 100. Do you know anyone named Susan (or Suzanne)? 
Yes and yes.  I mentioned in a previous post that I was almost named Suzanne.

3) The Buckinghams were Chicago's attempt to get in on The British Invasion begun by the Beatles. (Hence the silly suits.) But they took their name from Chicago's famous Buckingham Fountain. If Crazy Sam visited your neighborhood, what local site would you recommend she check out? 

Webb City's praying hands.  It is so ugly, a really amateur sculpture. 

4) Chicago is known for deep dish pizza. Describe your dream pizza. (Calories, carbs and gluten need not be a factor because it's dream pizza!) 

A sun-dried tomato, mushroom, sausage Pizza.

5) The Buckinghams got their big break by winning a local "battle of the bands." Do you often go to concerts or bars to listen to live music? 

6) The best-selling book in 1968 (the year "Susan" was released) was Airport by Arthur Hailey. It was set during a snowstorm at Lincoln International, a fictional airport based on Chicago's O'Hare. What's the most recent airport you flew to? Why were you there? 

LAX, DFW, Joplin. Last night, I flew back home from Santa Barbara.

7) Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, Sox ... Chicago is a big sports town. What's your favorite pro team?

I don't do sports or pro teams.

8) Thinking of sports, did you watch the Olympics? If yes, which events?I did last night for a while. It was women's skating, short event.

9) Do you consider yourself an idealist or a pragmatist? 
I am an optimistic pragmatist.

Saturday 9: As Time Goes By (last Saturday)

 1) This is the theme song of Casablanca, generally acknowledged as one the screen's great love stories. In honor of Valentine's Day weekend, what's your favorite movie romance?  

I think one of my all time favorite is also an oldie but back to the 80's....Somewhere In Time.  I loved the music and the fantasy of the story.  I was not to everyone's taste but it is a favorite of mine...Christopher Reeve at his most romantic.

2) Even though he was only 5'8 and had a receding hairline, Humphrey Bogart was a popular leading man. What movie or TV actor or actress makes your heart skip a beat?

Sean Connery.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  

Another favorite love story

3) Sweethearts are those little heart-shaped candies that are printed with messages like, "Be Mine" and "Kiss Me." Do you like how they taste? 

No, yuck, too chalky.  Give me chocolate truffles any day of the week.   

4) Valentine's Day is a big day for florists. When is the last time a floral arrangement adorned your table or desk?


5) Do you think an e-card means as much as a conventional card in an envelope? 

Probably not....but I would rather get one of them than nothing at all. Which is what I usually get.  I guess to have to send to get.

6) Despite what you see on Valentines, the human heart isn't bright red. It's really a brownish shade of red, like a brick. Now it's your turn. Share some trivia that's been rattling around in your head. (It does have to be about Valentines or the human heart. It can be any random fact at all.) My random trivia is red. The other day I learned that 
Ketchup was sold in the 1830s as medicine.
7) When is the last time you thought your heart would break?

Something that DD1 said to me many, many, years ago. I don't remember the exact words any more but I remember it hurt. We have a great relationship, BTW.

8) What is the most recent thing to lift your heart?

My 2 year old grandson coming down stairs and running to me "Gam Maw".This trip he has been calling us grandma and grandpa like his brother does. He had been calling us the Serbian Baba/Deda, which was he talked late.  Since the trip to Africa, he has been talking a storm. 

He also plays a lovely game.  He will come at you with his plastic bee or a ferocious dinosaur and shout "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!", until you shrink away and cry, "Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!  Then he shrieks in laughter.  He is a clown.

9) Who is the most "hard hearted" person you know? 

Hannah, the Vamp of Savannah.  I don't know any hard hearted people.


  1. Welcome home! My friend Kathleen, like you, insists Sean Connery is not only the best Bond ever, he's the sexiest man alive. She says it definitively, like "the sun rises in the east." I haven't seen Somewhere in Time in ages! So romantic. And I'm glad you said that about the praying hands, because now I don't have to.

  2. Thanks for the photo of the praying hands, that is very self-explanatory! I hope your dental work doesn't cost a fortune, I know that stuff can add up.

  3. Ouch, I hope you make it with the temporary fix. I hate tooth pain. And your grandson sounds adorable. :)

  4. I have trouble keeping my bridge in place. They want to attach it to my bone now. Yuck!

  5. Ugh, I hate tooth pain/problems! The dentist is my least favorite place to be EVER!

  6. Ew Dental work. Hope that you have the very best news and result. And then we can have a pizza! I like your choices, too.

  7. Somewhere in Time is one of my favourites, I have the CD and DVD. Hope you get the bridge fixed. I detest dentists!

  8. I had a couple of friends at junior school called Susan, I even called my doll Susan! My favourite name when I was growing up was Sandra and before my youngest brother was born I had persuaded my Mum to call the baby Sandra if it was a girl. :)