Wednesday, May 04, 2016

May Day Hodgepodge

  1. What's something fun you're looking forward to on your May calendar? Seeing the grandsons.  We are going to spend a couple of weeks in Santa Barbara.

2. What are some images that come to mind when you hear the word mother? 
Of mother.  She is gone now and I often find myself thinking....I should tell Mom, and sadly, I can't.  She was a good mother and an excellent grandmother....missed by all.

3. What's something beautiful you own or have seen that's made of glass? 
The stained glass windows in the Chapter House at Westminster Abbey, my picture is first and rather gloomy...a better picture below it from the internet.  I was able to get a picture of some of the paintings on the wall below the windows, they have found and are restoring. I wasn't sure I should photograph, as it was not allowed in the I didn't use flash. I love stained glass.

4. Was today typical? If not what made it unusual? Yesterday and today have been a little atypical...since we are trying to get Mr BC's appointment covered since we are leaving soon.  We had 3 different appointed tasks yesterday, and today...Tuesday....I had a man come out to fix my washing machine, our new lawn guy came well as I had to go to the bank, the pharmacy and get my hair cut, which did not happen. We are a bit over scheduled, trying to get ready for our trip.

5. What is a quality you wish you could have more of? 
I have always wished to be better organized and not have everything to do at the last minute.

6. What's the next major purchase you need to make? Will it happen in the month of May? We need an aluminium covered car port to protect the cars that don't get to be in the garage.  So far we haven't had hail damage....but we are bound to get some one day. It won't happen this month.

7. What responsibility/job/work did you dislike while growing up but has proved helpful to you as an adult? 
I can't think of anything right off hand, but Ya'll will have something that I will claim...Oh yeah!.  I still haven't used algebra ever in my life.

*** I forgot about a typing class in high school. I didn't do all that well...I would never win speed contests, but learning the keyboard has been vital.  
8. Insert your own random thought here.


  1. Ha!! Loved your #7 and your #8!!!
    Have a blessed trip.

  2. How wonderful.....have the best of times with your grandson's! Sweet note about your mother. I was a good girl at Westminster Abbey and didn't take any photos. I just may have to steal your photo!! Enjoyed your jokes. Thank you for stopping over today.

  3. Have a wonderful trip, and enjoy those "grands" :)
    I agree, I've never found a use for Algebra!
    I do love your random thought. So true :)
    Kathy (Reflections)

  4. So glad I didn't waste my time on algebra! Haha! That last cartoon is funny.

  5. Is algebra still taught in schools? Thankfully, I didn't learn it!!

    Love the cartoon - it reminded me to shave the moustache haha.

    Hope you have a wonderful time with the boys.

  6. Your math image is exactly how me and most of my family sees math, too!

    I loved the over 50 image, too. I am 50 and, thankfully, don't have a mustache. I hope it stays that way. haha

    Regarding your mama, how long has she been gone? I am so sorry. {{{Hugs}}} It was the longest time after my father-in-law died that we were wanting to call and tell him this and that. The same with my grandma. It is just too hard to make that adjustment, especially when it happens suddenly. We come to realize just how vital a part of our lives these loved ones are/were. You're in my prayers.

    Have a blessed week.