Saturday, November 19, 2016

Come to the Caberet-Saturday 9

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Liza Minnelli encourages you to put down "the knitting, the book and the broom." Which of those three were you most recently doing: knitting, reading or housework? Housework is eternal, but I was reading last night before bed. I don't knit any more because needlework is just too hard on my eyes and my knuckles.

2) She sings that we shouldn't allow "some prophet of doom to wipe every smile away?" Do you know anyone who reliably looks at the downside of life?   Not so much, but when I was working, there was always someone who was negative.  I try not to let those folks into my life.

3) In 1972, when this recording was popular, so was The Brady Bunch. In the two-part season premiere, The Bradys went to Hawaii. Do you have any warm weather vacation plans this fall/winter? I am going to Santa Barbara in January and February, it is usually pretty mild in the winter....but, isn't always reliably nice in the winter. Seeing the grandsons is great no matter what the weather. Their birthday is just one day apart and Caшa, was born on his Mom's birthday, it just make sense to go and celebrate the fun.

4) Though not her uncle, just a friend to both of her parents, Liza always called  Frank Sinatra as "Uncle Frank." Is there an older person in your life who isn't a blood relative, but who refer to as "aunt" or "uncle?" No, but my mom was Auntie Jeannie, to a lot of kids when I was younger.

5) Liza collapsed onstage during a Christmas concert in 2007. She says she'd been nauseous before she went on and simply fainted. Sam has never fainted. Have you? I have been nauseous before but I have not ever fainted. One time my mom fainted from heat, in line at Blue Bayou restaurant at Disneyland, and we got right in thanks to kindly patrons.
6) People are often surprised when they learn Liza is good friends with Gene Simmons -- the KISS member with the long tongue. Tell us about one of your good friends.  I have been lucky with friends, one friend is special, as she is the wife of Mr BC's best friend from school. We have been friends since we first met, so many years ago, she is my mall walking buddy too, so we see each other a lot.
Maggie and Jigs BFF
7) Liza told US Magazine that she loves to eat at Olive Garden. Do you? We have only been there once or twice, several years ago. I don't think it is truly authentic Italian, I was raised in a very Italian neighborhood, growing up in our southern CA suburb. Christmas was delicious.

8) She keeps apple juice and yogurt in her refrigerator at all times. Would we find either in your refrigerator right now? Yes, if Apple Cider counts as apple juice.  This time of year I have a bottle of it in my fridge.  I have some cartons of yogurt, but they might be out of date. I mix it as the liquid in spiced Chai concentrate, instead of milk and.... poof.... spiced cider.

9)  Random question: Which would be a more frustrating dinner companion -- someone who won't shut up, or someone who won't say a word? Both are not a great thing at dinner.  I guess someone who won't say a word, would frustrate me more, and probably make me uncomfortable if it was just us at a table



  1. You are so right about housework. It just never seems to go away does it?

  2. I'm so good at ignoring housework. :)

  3. Oh, how nice to have the trip to see your grandsons to look forward to. I wish I saw more of my son's children, but though they aren't really that far away between work schedules and activities it just doesn't happen more than once a month or so. On a happier note, our daughter is expecting her first the day after Christmas and that one will live nearby. :)

    Olive Garden doesn't seem like real Italian to me, either, but it's still pretty good and I enjoy it.

  4. Housework is eternal. Someone said that, yes? Oh, it was thee! lol. Too right!
    Sweet that you are going to see the grandkids this Spring. I say Spring because the Carolina Cherries bloom in January here.
    And yes, I'm spoiled for Italian restaurants in San Diego. San Diego's Italian fishermen's wives started quite a few here. Yummy! And, in Santa Cruz there are a few that are totally amazing, with no reservations and lines out the doors.

  5. So loooove that photo of Maggie and Jigs!

  6. my grandkids live in Santa Barbara too. Such a nice place to visit, but we could not afford to live there.

  7. Housework is not done by me anymore... I have help.
    I was at a gathering the other day where there was a woman who didn't open her mouth once. She was sitting right next to me and I found the whole thing embarrassing.