Wednesday, December 13, 2006

5 Reasons I don't like taking the train

I commute to work by Metrolink about 3-4 times a week. It is a great thing! Today as I took the shuttle to the station and I was enduring our resident loud mouth. I realized that there were a few things about commuting that I don't like:

1. I don't have my car with me to run errands on my lunch hour. This could also read not having an hour for lunch to run errands.

2. The aforementioned loud mouth, "Michelle" is vulgar, chews with her mouth open, laughs like a donkey, and if I were the evening shuttle driver guy, I would sue the city for creating a hostile working environment. Subtle flirting is not a concept with which she is aquainted.

3. I have a job that I love, however, many of the women on the shuttle work for the county department of social services and they do not LOVE their jobs.

4. My shuttle driver to and from my home station, (my husband) won't let me drive to the station 'cause he does not want to leave the car or truck in the parking lot all day. So I can't run errands on my way home. Taking me and picking me up are things on his to do list and there is no deviation from the to do list.

5. I could only think of 4 things, but it occurs to me that I really like taking the train, it is the Shuttling I don't like.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow it will be 5 things I like about taking the train,
since there is nothing good about the shuttle.

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