Monday, December 11, 2006

Well I finally screwed up the courage

To Blog...
This is my first attempt, my daughter has a blog and she seems to have a great time. As I was looking through the other sites here I finally found some that weren't twenty-somethings and so I decided to take the plunge.

Christmas is fast approaching and I just have 4 more days until I have 3 weeks off. With my 23 years + at my job I have finally accrued enough time to really vacation. One week is not enough time I have to go back to work to get a`rest, two weeks are restful, three weeks a luxury, I probably won't want to go back!

I have a retired husband and our empty nest was very cozy until youngest chick decided to go back to school and come back to the nest. So we will be taking some time away from home for a few days. Oldest daughter and hubby are going to Hawaii, we are going my brother's for Christmas Eve, so Christmas Day will be a restful no company day.

Well this was a booring, first post. I will have to gather thoughts to post. I am looking at this as a chance to journal, vent, and remember.........

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