Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We had a wonderful weekend with Лука. When we picked him and his mom and dad up at the airport he was quietly sitting in his car seat looking around. He spotted Gramma and Grandpa and a big smile came on his face. Thank goodness he still remembered us! Of course he did, but in the back of your mind you think since the time seemed so long for us, he must have had such adventure as to forget the everydayness of Southern California. He had a rather up-side-down weekend getting over the time difference from Serbia. Saturday morning at 3:00 am he apparently was looking for Gramma down the hallway. Ah yes, he remembers me! But my time is not up-side- down, and gratefully his folks let us sleep, for they knew that we would have charge of him during his up-side-down daylight hours, so they could sleep. We spoke to DD1 last night and he almost slept thru the night, woke at 3:00 am, took a drink of mieko, (did I mention he was bilingual?) and slept till 8:00am. Things should get back to normal and harmony restored.

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  1. It doesn't take children long to adapt does it? Of course he remembers you - you love him! :)