Wednesday, April 27, 2011

14 More Mondays

That would have been yesterday, however since I am not at work this week, it was not a day to mark off my calendar. I am spending my days with my grandson this week and I am enjoying my time with him.

We are planning to retire in the southwest corner of Missouri. That is 1500 miles from Лука  Why would we want to do that?  Well its not because we don't enjoying spending time with our family. It has been our plan to move back to Mr. Bankerchick's  home town and live in the wonderful old house his mother owned. It doesn't have a Mortgage and life will be a lot simpler there and the cost of living will be a lot less than Southern California. We won't be making the total move, selling our house here and packing up everything until 2012.

We spent most of January there and it was cold, but the house was cozy, and of course if it gets too cold, there is always Santa Barbara, and this way we will be able to afford travel, especially to see Лука. My blog over the next months will be about making that move as I go throught the steps till retirement.

In the meantime the 5 things I am going to do this week are:
1.  Spend time with Лука.
2.  Sing with Лука.
3.  Build trains with Лука.
4.  Make breakfast for Лука.
5.  Laugh out loud with Лука.

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  1. I remember counting down to my retirement, I thought it would never arrive. Of course it did and much sooner than I expected. :)

    I'm sure you will enjoy it. :)