Sunday, April 24, 2011

Saturday in Santa Barbara

I arrived Friday night to a welcome greeting from Лука and Mr Bankerchick, and they both had a wonderful week together.  DD1 and SIL are well and had a good visit with Mr BC too. Mr. Bankerchick left Saturday morning to get back to his dogs and DD2, for a well deserved rest. I am now on the second shift.  I can't wait to hear how much weight he lost as he looked thinner.  DD1 cooks great and real healthy, and he was always on the go.  Dr Boozer, (I love that name) will be very happy.

Saturday we went for a walk on State Street and Grandma picked up some sand toys for the park this week.  We had a bit of a cry, trying to leave the toy store, because they had a train layout and Лука played there for at least 40 minutes, so we promised to get his trains setup when we got home.  At 2 years old that is not a great compromise so we went to get something to drink. Tata (SIL-daddy in Serbian) came thru on his promise and in true engineering style made a great train layout.

 It is amazing how well Лука speaks two languages.  He speaks Serbian with his Tata, English and Serbian with his Mama and easily speaks English to Grandma and Grandpa. Truly you have to get them while they are young.  DD1 has got a good grip on Serbian too and they all talk to Baba and Deda in Serbia on Skype.  It is a Wonderful world in Santa Barbara!

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  1. Ah, grandchildren are such a joy aren't they? They are God's reward for being a parent. ;)