Sunday, June 12, 2011

Proud Night for Mom and Dad

I can do It.....and she did!
Last night we celebrated DD2 graduation from CalPoly.  She graduated with a double major in Psychology and Theater and we are proud of her achievement. This has taken some time. The first time around she went to college right after high school and struggled with, mom and dad's desire for a college degree and her lacked the enthusiasm to complete it. There is something to the British gap year before starting university! So she went out to the working world for several years.  Of course we worried she might not go back, however, her Gap Years, allowed her to see that there were things she wanted that a college education could achieve for her.

She has a part-time job as an advocate for children with a non-profit organization and working with not for profit companies seems to be the way she will start out her career.  There may be further education down the road.  However, it was a pleasure to watch her celebrate the end of her last class as an undergraduate. Mr Bankerchick did the same thing when he ended his last class and he said it would be good..
We went to Buca di Beppo's with her and two of her best friends from High School and their significant others and had the best time! It was great to see her feel happy about her great achievement.


  1. Our youngest son went to University at 18 doing a Law Degree, he dropped out after 16 months and found a job. At the age of 32 he went back to University to start his Law Degree again, he starts his 4th and last year in September. He says now he wishes he hadn't dropped out the first time but he's much more focused now.

    Well done to your daughter.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter. One of mine got her Masters in psychology from usc after she became a mom.