Thursday, June 09, 2011

Writers Workshop: Bankerchick Almost Partied Instead

This week's Writing Prompts are:

1.) Last week you chose a 6 word memoir to share…this week elaborate. Tell us the story or thought process behind the sentence you wrote.
2.) Write a dramatic synopsis of a memorable day in your life, as if it was a movie or TV series.
3.) Describe what you think your life would be like if you had never had kids.
4.) In honor of the “white” after Memorial Day rule, name a fashion rule that you either break or enforce.
5.) Share a memorable road trip story!

                              A 60's Love Story Synopsis
The Backstory:  On the previous Monday, one of our heroines friend and p Ω sisters tells her that, through her boyfriend, she had met a guy that she thought was perfect for our heroine. He was cute and sweet; however he was in the Navy. The friend had spoken of our heroine  to,  said cute guy on Sunday.  However, because said sailor, had been on a blind date with a friend of a friend, which had not gone well. Our hero was dubious and wanted to meet this perfect girl first. Our heroine is somewhat, unconvinced after all,  he is military, and she had not too long before, gone out with another member of the Armed Forces, emphasis on arms with roving hands attached. Because of that experience our heroine also  wants  to check him out before committing to anything.  After all there is a Frat Mixer Friday night.

Michael Kors mod
Act 1
Scene 1:
The time is April 1966.
The scene is a college dining hall; The Association is playing on the Juke Box.

Our heroine is sitting at 2 tables pushed together; wearing her favorite gold ribbed long sleeved shirt and a mini-skirt. She is surrounded by her usual group of friends and nervously looking around her as if she is ready to flee at any moment. Friends glance at her knowingly. She is drumming her fingers, uncertain why she agreed to this. She is still slightly miffed that she has to be inspected like so much steak. On top of that she has to leave for a class at one o’clock. Her friend arrives at last, with her boyfriend and to her relief our hero-sailor is dressed in appropriate civvies (this is you know, right in the middle of Viet Nam and is a college campus) Introductions are made. He is cute, a little shy; he seems to be admiring her approvingly. There is  conversation around them as they sit across the table stealing glances of one another. Little is said between them, only smiles and polite laughter. It is awkward.

One o’clock fast approaches, as our heroine looks down at her watch. She leans over to whisper to her friend. What is going on, did she meet with approval, because she has to go to class? Her friend says go…I’ll let you know. Our heroine shrugs, picks up her books, says her goodbyes and leaves, thinking….the party will be fun! Exit.

Scene 2: After class, in the dining hall.   

Our heroine arrives at the table after class. The Association is still playing on the Juke Box and the sailor-hero is still there, along with her friend and the boyfriend. Hero rises and pulls out her chair. That is good she thinks. As she sits down the friend says, “We thought we would all go to a movie tonight, if that is all right with you?” Our heroine smiles and indicates affirmation. Then she discovers the rest of the plan. She will have to drive, as sailor-hero drives a 2 seated sports car(humm)  the boyfriend rides a motorcycle, and her friend doesn’t have a car.  She groans inwardly. In 1966 America, girls don’t drive on dates, especially on a blind double date. This of course, will change as women become more liberated and start to burn their bras. However, it is somewhat mortifying to our heroine, who now would now rather go to the party. Too late.

Act 2…..
Scene 1: 1965 Datsun

Our heroine meets everyone at the indicated pick-up spot and the date proceeds to a drive-in movie theater. Our heroine makes sailor-hero drive into the theater as she will not be seen driving. This is a personal humiliation for him as he drives a late model MGB and this was a 1965 Datsun sedan. He smiles and never will let on until the sequel. It ends well with sailor-hero finding his voice and they talk and kiss during the second movie (this is 1966 Double Features). While friend and boyfriend make out noisily in the backseat. At the end of the evening a date is made for Sunday afternoon and the rest as they say, will make a great sequel.


  1. Ha! This is great! Very cute and clever. I'm assuming the sailor is your Mr. but still, wish it weren't a cliffhanger. :)

    Stopped by from mama kat's

  2. I'm with PUmpkin assuming it is your husband? Love the way you spun this backstory!

  3. Yes, it is Mr BankerChick for the last 40+ years.

  4. I like the way you did that! Very entertaining!
    Just popped in from Mama Kat to say hi!

  5. So cute! I take it there is a happy ending ;)

    Stopping by from mama kat's

  6. I love your writing! Can't wait for more.

  7. I am glad he was willing to drive. I wouldn't have wanted to drive everyone on a date.