Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Leaving Santa Barbara until January

We are enjoying our visit to Santa Barbara with Лука and his folks.  I can't believe it is our last visit for a while. However,  thank the stars for Skype. This is a bittersweet visit as the only down side to Missouri is leaving some of our Kids behind. The upside to this, at least until we sell our house is that we still will be making the trip every couple of months .

I am flying back right after Christmas as Лука and his dad are going to Belgrade for Serbian Christmas with his Baba and Deda.  He will be gone til Jan 11, so I will stay with DD1 since she is "Heavy with Child." I will visit back and forth working on the CA house and Santa Barbara, with Лука, until she delivers in Feb.


  1. I would imagine it's very difficult to leave some of your kids behind but these days travelling isn't the chore it used to be is it?

  2. I'm sure it will be hard to leave your family, especially grandkids, but it sounds like it will be an exciting move. Suprisingly enough, January isn't too far away!