Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mr Bankerchick to the Rescue

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Mr BC was taking the pups out the other night, for their nightly duties and standing on our 'veranda' watching them, I was sitting in my comfy chair watching TV when I noticed him waving his hat around.  The dogs and I joined him and he was trying to swoosh a small, young bird, away from the light and the eaves of the roof out into yard. The bird, (we later decided was a Purple Finch, that might have smacked onto the window earlier in the evening) was flying from pillar to post just inside the porch. He wouldn't cooperate and was becoming more and more afraid as Mr BC waved and the dogs barked.  Totes was in hunting mode and Gwennie was very curious. Mr BC was worried about the bird and I thought everyone should just leave the poor thing alone. So I took the pups inside and left Mr BC and the bird alone. Finally Mr BC caught the small thing in his hat and went over to a young Sweet Gum Maple planted in the front and gently took the bird out of his hat.  It sat quietly on his hand as he reached up to a branch.  The finch jumped from his hand to the branch and just sat there a little stunned. He was still there when he turned out the porch light. We like to think he was simply stunned and eventually flew away. The next morning there were several purple finches at the bird feeder, among the woodpeckers, cardinals, catbirds and chickadees who regularly frequent our feeders and bird bath. I like to think the smallest one we saw, was the little one Mr BC rescued the night before.