Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Tasty Mistake

Since I retired and moved to Missouri we have sat down to more meals together than we have in a long time. I am beginning to cook again.  I must admit I still go for easy and other than the main course, I don't  usually cook from scratch. Hungry for sweet, I decided to  bake a cake.   I had a Betty Crocker sugar free chocolate cake mix. so being the spontaneous person I am, I opened the box and dumped it in a bowl.  When I use cake mixes I usually substitute apple sauce or tofu instead of the oil which works well for me and I usually have on hand..  Applesauce this time.

When I got to eggs, I went to get the eggbeaters out of the fridge and measured it out.  I looked at the result in the measuring cup and noticed red and green spots. I checked the carton and sure enough it was Southwestern style.  Mr BC had helped with the shopping and put it in the basket. I panicked when I saw it,  and checked the fridge for regular eggbeaters.  I only use real eggs for company cooking or holiday cooking. None to be found.  

It was late afternoon and I was already dressed in my comfy jammie pants so I was not going to go out to get some eggs and everything was already in the bowl, I just dumped the eggs in the bowl and mixed it in.  I am not one for admitting my errors so throwing caution to the wind, I just baked it and hoped for the best. If it was awful, then I would throw it out.
I sliced into it to taste.  It clearly was spicy but not awful, I liked it, it reminded me of a pfferneuse cookie.  I left it on the counter and only told how I made it after they had eaten it.  There were interesting comments after it was discovered, however, it must have been tasty, because look how much was left this morning!


  1. Ha ha ha! Oh my goodness that is so funny. A happy accident...I wonder if you'll make it that way again just because.

  2. Funny!! I am a transplant to Missouri, too! From Cali.