Saturday, December 10, 2011

Favorite Christmas Ornament

I did not post to Mama Kat's site on Thursday but will today, since I did not have a computer for most of the week, However I loved this prompt:  1.) Have you decorated your Christmas tree? Share a favorite Christmas ornament.

Yes, I have decorated my tree, since I was unable to do anything for Thanksgiving, I was determined to decorate for Christmas.  So my Christmas decorations were well marked for the move and I put them right by the door in the garage so I could get to them when I was ready.  We have a small four foot tree now but when the kids were little we always had a big tree and have collected the decorations for a large tree.  I have to select my favorites.

When the girls were small and we lived in Michigan, I had a regular Avon lady.  I saw these decorations in the catalogue and really liked them as I did not decorate with glass balls, everything on my tree had to be unbreakable. I think these are satin and cardboard. They had Santa and Mrs Claus,  Snowman and Mrs. Snowman and Angels one on each side.  When they arrived I put them all on the tree and when I got to the Angels, I was startled to see they looked just like my daughters, not just that one was a blond and one was a brunette, but they looked just like the girls. I showed everyone including the DD1 and DD2 the amazing likenesses.  Now every time I put them on the tree they remind me of the family we were then. small angels and Mr and Mrs Santa Claus.  I smile every time.

The second favorite decoration was a child's coat hanger that appeared on the tree when I mentioned to Mr BC that I needed hangers for some Christmas ornaments.  2yr old DD1 proudly brought one from her room shouting here's one mama! It went into the decoration box for years until it finally broke.  I was going to glitter it up but never got the chance.  Years later I found a small doll coat hanger decorated, that I eventually gave to DD1.


  1. Hi, found you on Mama Kat's site... Those are such cute ornaments. I just love the ones that are packed full of memories. Wish I could find my second box of them, we just moved to a new house and it has me twitching.

  2. What a cute story about the hanger. Fun! I decorate my tree with mostly rocking horses, which were from my childhood. I wish I had more so the whole tree was filled. Maybe some day.

  3. I just put my tree up today. I wasn't looking forward to it this year, having lost my Dad in October but it really cheered me up because Christmas was his favourite time of year. :)

    Yours is lovely. :)