Thursday, December 15, 2011

All I Wanted for Christmas....MamaKat's Writers Workshop.

This week’s prompt is: 10 things I Wanted for Christmas as a Kid but Didn’t Get and Still Want.
Every year I could hardly wait for the Sears Christmas catalogue to come.  Then for 2 lovely  months my brother, my cousins and I would go through the toy section hoping and dreaming Santa would bring us our hearts desire. There were lots of things I wanted as a child for Christmas and didn’t get, and I can probably come up with ten, however I am not sure I would still want them as most of them were circa 1950 and 1960 and toys are a whole lot cooler now.. So here goes the list.
1.  A Pony:  What child did not want a pony?  When asked where he would put it in our back yard, My brother went out and started digging a hole for it!


2.  An Easy Bake Oven: I was actually too old for this when it came out in 1963, I would have loved something like this to go with the kitchen I coveted.

3.  A child size kitchen:  We had one in kindergarten and I really wanted one at home.  Darling Daughter got one for her birthday and Grandpa and Dad spent the whole birthday party putting it together and ended up with pieces left over. 

4.   A Vanity Table: I actually wanted some version of this up until my teens.

5. A great Doctor Kit:  I probably wanted the nurse kit because that was a girl job. This is pre-feminism, to much science needed to be a Doctor. 

6.  A Train Set:  My grandpa gave one to my boy cousin with a terrific train table he built. I got a doll house, which was good but I loved the train set.  My brother inherited that train set several years later, and I got to play with it.  Лука loves trains and we put the tracks and trains together several times when Grandma visits.

7. A Pedal Car: Again a guy thing, My brother got the fire engine he is seven years younger that me so I couldn't fit in it.  I would have loved the snazzy convertibles.  Back when I would have fit in it.

8.  The Operation Game: The neighbors had one and it seemed fun.  Go play it at the neighbor's house!

 9.  A microscope:  Maybe if I had one I would have been more interested in science and maybe be a Doctor or even a nurse, today!

10.  Barbie: March 1959 she was introduced, and I was 12 years old.  My friend Cheryl got one of the first ones and wouldn't let me play very much with her.  I begged for one and mom, who I don't think really approved of Barbie said I was too old for dolls and I did not get one that Christmas or any other Christmas.  It was a teenage doll for Pete's old for dolls...Humph! My Daughters got all the Barbies they ever wanted or needed.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Isn't it funny the things we remember wanting so badly and our parents reasons for thinking we didn't need them? It makes me see the things my kids are asking for for Christmas in a new light!

  2. i've ALWAYS wanted OPERATION, too!! i remember always playing it at someone else's house... that along with Battleship! man, my parents never got us anything good! ;)

  3. I never wanted a pony but did have a microscope (still do), the pedal car and the train set and Ken instead of Barbie. I remember that Operation game but we didn't have that one.

    Stopping by from writers workshop.

  4. Thanks for coming by today! I love all of those wishes! I say, treat yourself to some of these now! Easy bake and operation for sure!!

  5. This was fun to read! I can remember "stealing" my brother's Big Wheel so I could go cruising. Nowadays they make cars for girls, but back then...

    They should have made a limo.

  6. Isn't it terrible how back then our selections were based a lot on gender. Our toy selection was therefore cut in half!