Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving in Missouri

Norman Rockwell's Thanksgiving

I can't say this trip to Missouri was uneventful, but thankfully, we are here at last, a week late.  We planned to leave a week ago. DD2 VW has been having a cooling problem and we had to keep taking it back to the dealership because it was not fixed properly.  The third time, Mr Bankerchick, had to get stern with them when they finally decided it was the head gasket all along.  We got some $$ consideration from them for the first two, so called repairs, but it took them 4 more days to fix it. So we left (late) on Sunday and had to stay out an extra night on the road.  With two cars, two dogs and an injured Mr Bankerchick, (That is a whole different story.)  He had a fall, chasing a loose Gwennie the morning we left.  I took a look at him tumbling and just knew the trip was off.  Luckily and miraculously, he was only scraped and bruised, and deflected the dog into my arms. So off we go, praying the car was really fixed. (it was)

We arrived on Wednesday and Mr BC's sister had us for Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday.  What a blessing as the cupboards were bare and we were bone tired. It was delicious and she was a lifesaver. We had a lovely time. DD2 became reacquainted with her aunt and her cousin after several years.
Today is another day of rest with a quick trip to the grocery store. Some time in the yard with 2 puppies who are thankful for a huge yard to run in after being cooped up in cars for 3 days.

Yesterday I was thankful for Skype allowing me to share some time with Лука, DD1 looks for me online many mornings, and we have breakfast and playtime together.  As Лука would say, "I'm liking Skype."  We watched his dad, pull Лука's shirt over his head "where's Лука, where's Лука?" and he smiled "I'm back" when he popped up again.  I love that kid!

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  1. Glad to hear you got there eventually. Happy Thanksgiving. xx