Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Characters in My Life

I chose MamaKat's prompt: Your life is being turned into a movie…who will play your cast of characters?

Of course my life is so exciting that Hollywood is bound to come knocking for the rights to my story.  All of the big names would be lining up for the various rolls, however, I would insist on having final say on casting this extravaganza!
 Starting with my parents since they had such an influence on who I turned out to be, I would want  Wilford Brimley and Betty White.  Dad might have actually out curmudgened Brimley and they both were bald and had a droopy mustache.  Mom reminds me a little of the Rose character Betty White played, not the maneater roles.

My brother would be played by Tom Selleck, we have always said he reminds us of Tom, from the smile to the mustache.  But not the hair. Maybe Tom would look good with a shaved head?  That smile in the picture...that is my brother's smile.

Now Mr BC would have Laura Linney play DD1 because she reminds him of DD1  Since I am picking someone to play her, it would be Reese Witherspoon, based her blue eyes, girl next door looks and on her body of work, although DD1 is a more convincing lawyer.

Zooey Deschanel would play DD2.  She is quirky, funny and a little exotic, just like DD2.  In her new role, she is offbeat and she can sing just like DD2

Now for the male lead in my life I am going to have to go with Dustin Hoffman.  put a pair of glasses on him for just the right touch.  He displays just the right amount of humor, and vulnerability and he is cute just like Mr BC.

And the star of my life would have to be Kathy Bates.  She could play me at any age.  She is such a great actress, funny, wry, an everywoman in charge of her own life. I love her in everything she does, except Misery, She scared me in Misery. 
There you have it the cast of a Blockbuster!


  1. Kathy Bates can play so many kinds of roles. Good choice! (I just re-watched The Blind Side and enjoyed her as Miss Sue.)

    Also, I love your choice for parents. Good luck with the movie!

  2. You are the second person today that I've seen that said they would have Kathy Bates play them. I LOVE Kathy Bates (like you, except Misery). Great post.

  3. I picked Kathy Bates to play me, too! Too bad she's busy with Harry's Law, or I'm sure she'd be all over these jobs (darned contractual obligations)!

  4. Great choices!
    I always beg my boyfriend to "Tom Selleck" his thick beard and mustache. Meaning, dye it all jet black. For some reason I think it would be the most amusing thing since blogging. :)

  5. I've always loved Kathy Bates. She seems like she would be a great person to hang out with.