Monday, January 30, 2012

I Am Worn Out!

Shaun is the little one.

I have spent the last four days with Лука and DD1 and SIL and I might be leaving after today's Doctor's visit or maybe not. DD1 is wanting Лука's baby brother, out.  He seems to be quite crowded in there and spent last night trying to push his way out thru her ribs. This week is 39 and he will be with us soon.

Лука hardly lets me out of his sight and I have to negotiate for a visit to the Loo or a cup of coffee.  Last night I almost coughed myself silly making wild animal sounds outside his play tent, while he shrieked inside with laughter.  I finally got him to calm down with a few episodes of Shaun the Sheep on Netflix. He is only allowed about an hour of TV a night, right after dinner, so it is actually a way to quiet him down before bedtime, unless it is Serbian music videos, then he is a dancing fool.  He is very fond of music and I think he is very musically inclined. He is usually humming or singing all day long, when he isn't saying, "play cars with me, Grandma!"  It is amazing when he speaks Serbian to his Ta Ta (dad) and switches to English easily, to talk to Grandma.  Yesterday in the car on the way home from dinner out he said, "It was a wonderful day!"  He made my day anyway!


  1. You have and provide such pleasure to the little boy. As you say, he made your day.

  2. Playing and spending time with one's grandchildren is amazing. Grandchildren are God's reward for being a mother I think. Hope the new baby arrives soon. :)

  3. Being a grandmother is such a joy, I agree!

  4. Oh, that is so cute. I love Shaun the Sheep...very clever. Little kids who love to dance? Is there anything better?!? Good luck with the wait.