Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Morning

I have a busy week ahead of me, coming after a lovely weekend with two skype visits with my grandsons. #1 was stung by a bee last week and he was sad because it hurt.  He is in the process of getting toys back for everyday he is nice to his caretaker, apparently he was rude and Mommy took toys away.  The first day they called (last week), the playroom shelves were empty, she even took the table top from his Thomas the Train table.  It apparently worked, since Saturday all the toys were back, and hadn't been taken again.  DD1 says that he is a threen'ager so he needs follow through when she makes a threat. Lots of talkback. #2 is just adorable and growing so fast. He has such big eyes and takes everything in.  This week I will ge getting ready to go see them. Hopefully, we leave next weekend.  I miss them so much.

DD2 and I are going to drive together on Tuesday, to Sedalia, MO for her job interview, it should make the drive easier.  It is about 3 hours. We will come back that same day. We have almost finished all the cut-in painting on the rental house, and took the smelly carpeting out in preparation for the installation of the new on Wednesday. After mopping the floor, it really smelled better in the house.  I am going back today to see if it is still smelling good and maybe mop again if needed.  Then we have to move her stuff out of our garage and trailer so we can go back to California. This should be the last trip for stuff.  The next trip after should be to get his TR3 and haul it back, and to drive my car back.  We have been getting along fine with just the truck, so I am going to approach Mr BC about just selling my car.


  1. Confiscating toys is a great idea and obviously worked.

    Have a safe trip.

  2. My three year old, unfortunately, is too stubborn to care about confiscated toys. Stubborn isn't even the word for it... he's way beyond stubborn. Sticker charts with the promise of a reward after x amount if stickers is the only thing that seems to work with him. And I think my nephew (who just turned 3) is headed in the same direction. My sister in law took away ALL of his toys over a week ago. He still doesn't have them. She says it makes for a cleaner house, though!

  3. I wish I'd thought of confiscating toys when my lad was that age. He didn't have too many so it would have been an easy task.

  4. Love to hear about all the goings on...sounds busy. I love that dd1 made the effort she did. So many of the parents I deal with are too busy/tired/lazy to follow through and then wonder why the behavior doesn't change. How refreshing. :)
    Good luck on your long drives!