Thursday, April 12, 2012

Work Continues

I have not been able to post for my writing blogs lately because DD2 and I have been getting the rental property we have, ready for her to move in.  We were happy to find out that she really liked the house and feels she can live there.  She came to MO sight unseen.

We have been painting with her colors, and she chose some good ones.  We were almost knocked out by cat smells when we first walked in, so carpeting was first on the list of things that need to go.  I dread pulling it up, I have to go get some face masks so we can stay healthy while we are doing it.  Last night I spent some time taping the baseboards and I came home with itchy eyes, from sitting too near the carpet. This will be only the second time we are renting the property, and I have told DD2 no pets, and the dogs can only come in for short visits.

The last tenant was someone who Mr BC knew from school, she had lost her home in the Joplin tornado, and was having trouble finding a place to stay where she could have her pets, she had 2 cats and 2 dogs, so we took pity and rented to her.  I had not seen the inside of the house until they moved out.  Mr BC said the carpet did not smell like that before they moved in, but since it was so old and needed to be replaced anyway (really cheap and very ugly) we did not give her a hard time about the state of the carpet.  We just bit the bullet. I am not sure after DD2 moves out that I really want to be a landlord.  Since we inherited it, I would like to flip it.  But he owns it with his sister, so for now we are all landlords.

The latest.......DD2 has a interview near Kansas City for a job in her field on Tuesday, so plans could change. However, work continues.


  1. The lady who owned our house before us kept cats and it took us two years to get rid of the smell even though we replaced all the carpets and cleaned the floors with bleach. :(

  2. How nice that she will be close by, and a good tennent! That sounds like a lot of work!

  3. That's the only trouble with pets, but they do give us so much pleasure.