Saturday, January 11, 2014

Good Neighbors-Saturday 9

Unfamiliar (I am) with this week's song? Hear it here

1) In this song, our hero offers to take his girl down to the river to catch a catfish dinner. What is your favorite seafood? 
I like all kinds of seafood, but shrimp is my favorite.

2) Luke Bryan went to Georgia State University, home of the Panthers. What was your school mascot? The Lions, Mr BC's too.

3) Have you ever tried acupuncture? 

No but I would like to try it for my aching joints.

4) Just last night, Crazy Sam threw away a jar of Miracle Whip because it expired in September 2013. Is your refrigerator neat and organized? Or is it a disaster area, like Sam's?  

Mine is in good shape.  I really go thru it during the Holidays.....mainly to make room for new stuff.  

5) Which is more important to you -- saving time or saving money? Saving money, I seem to have enough of time now that I am retired.

6) Sam's next door neighbor is named Jim. He's retired, smokes a pipe and drives a red Corolla. Tell us about one of your neighbors. 

My next door neighbor is DD2 who lives across the alley.  She drives a green beetle and comes over to do her laundry once a week.  Across the street is my husband's sister and brother in law.  So it is family all around.

7) What's the most recent magazine you flipped through? 

Good Housekeeping, I have a subscription and get it every month.

8)  Could your vehicle use a trip to the car wash right now? 

Oh yes, It has been snowing regularly and it is very dirty. We are going to have some sunshine days in the 40's and 50's so maybe it will get clean. We will have to do it before we drive out to CA, fMr BC did not go with me for Christmas/move so we are going for the grandson's and DD1's birthday in Feb.

9) Did you hit the snooze button this morning? 

No I don't set an alarm much, and we actually slept until 7am this morning.



  1. It's like you live on a Banker Chick compound, with family all around. Like the Ewings on Dallas or the Kennedys in Hyannis Port.

  2. My family is scattered all over the east coast from North Carolina up to Maine which makes it rough on holidays.

  3. Geeez- I cannot remember the last time I slept till 7am I'm pretty sure it was before kids.

  4. I would love to live so close to my sisters and their families.

  5. 7 am is never my friend. When I get to go without an alarm, it's usually around 9 am my body gravitates toward.

  6. I wish we had family nearby... sigh. I wouldn't have thrown out food that was ONLY JUST out of date. It's a silly system, anyway. Dated goods contribute to all our wasted food.