Monday, December 08, 2014

Christmas Surprises-Memory Monday

This week's prompt is: My Christmas Memories

I am doing a lot of online shopping this year in preparation for our trip to CA for Christmas with the kids and grand kids. I have a few surprises and Christmas is all about surprises.  Mom and dad were careful to hide the gifts well so that. 'Santa' would surprise us well.  When I was about 10, I was so hoping for a big bike.  I didn't think I could wait until Christmas morning so I snooped everywhere.  What I did not know, is that my wise parents hid it at my grandparents house until Christmas morning, so I came up empty. in my search for my hearts delight a five speed bike.

My Cousin, who lived with the grandparents. was in on the secret so I hounded him to tell me what he knew.  Eventually, he spilled and I was so happy. Until Christmas morning when there it was......a bike.....a beautiful bike! But I was disappointed because the surprise surprise! That was when I learned that it wasn't so exciting to KNOW what you were getting for Christmas....and I never really snooped again. Surprise was an essential ingredient for Christmas gift giving.  

When I had girls of my own, I tried to instill the element of surprise. Especially when one of the girls was so unsubtle about searching, that she left the dining room chair, still in place, in the bedroom closet. There she had riffled through the top shelf, not so unsuccessfully, looking for loot. So I knew I had to be more creative in my hiding places.

So we were always the mom and dad, who had to make a trip to parents or friends homes, to pick up the Santa gift. Or else, Mr BC was staying up until two am..... to put the Glamour Gals Cruise ship together.....Oh, so many tiny parts and stickers for the walls. This was a good surprise that Christmas. 

I also remember the Christmas that, DD1 got her first big bike.  We did not put it next to the Christmas tree, but in the front hall.  Her face dropped so far to the floor, that I did believe she was surprised that she didn't get the expected bike. Her sister's little bike was there, but not hers. Oh, the disappointment, until she turned around to see she was not forgotten. I believe I should have said Gotcha! But I didn't. Christmas is meant for Great Surprises.

Retired Not Tired Memory Monday


  1. I love surprises at Christmas and seeing the satisfaction on the children's faces. My kids got their bikes for their birthdays rather than Christmas however skates and skis were on their list for the winter.

  2. Surprises seem to make Christmas more exciting. Thank you for sharing your happy memories.

  3. ha - I did the big search one year too. but I never found anything. My mom hid stuff very well. In fact, she hid stuff so well - she often forgot herself!!! And 2 days later she would present you with a wrapped gift that she had found while cleaning. LOL
    Sometimes Christmas surprises a little late -- but still good!

  4. Fantastic!!! The element of surprise is indeed good for the young at heart. Both in giving and receiving.

  5. Loved this, BC. I agree that surprises should remain surprises and I went to great lengths to make them so when the lad was young. I too came to this conclusion because as a young girl I couldn't resist searching for my presents.

  6. What a great surprise for your daughter and the thrill of pleasure that you felt. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and maybe they will have some surprises for you too!!
    So much fun assembling those toys,
    I don't remember snooping around our house as a kid, but my sister tells me we found the clothes Mom hid from us and tried them on. That's funny that the chair was left at the closet.