Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Travel Prep-Friday Fragments

It's always fun to join with Mrs. 4444 for FF as it gives us a chance to share "Fragments" of our week without a large posting, please go over and join us. 

We have made lots of lists so we can get the RV ready for our trip to California.  I woke up this morning ready to get started.  We are going to stay at Carpenteria State Park right on the ocean.  I hope the much needed rain in CA will stop and it will be usual. Actually we can jump in the car and go, when we don't take the RV, but we have to do some stocking of the pantry and there are some projects that concern towing a car.

I have to get the dogs ready for the trip as well.  One nice benefit...they will get walked several times a day when we travel with them.  Also have to shop for groceries for them too.  I have to check their immunization for Bortadella, and get them all bathed and clean.

I have my shopping done for the boys...I went out to pick up some books, yesterday, and that finished up my list. I got a book of Christmas Stories, that includes the first Christmas Story. I am not sure they have heard that particular story yet and I believe they should be introduced to the reason for the season. Their folks are not religious and I am not fanatically so. but at almost 6 and 3, they should have heard about something besides Santa Claus. 

I still have some things coming from Amazon, that should come today. I have wrapping them before we go...on my list too.  Hope it gets done and I don't have to wrap Christmas Eve as usual.

DD2 isn't going with us as she has to work.  She signed up to work for Christmas Day for the double pay.  We are all going to get together for a Family wedding in August so she will see the boys and her sister then. I wish she could go, maybe next year.

Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. I'm jealous! I want a travel trailer sooo bad. Hope you have a fun trip. Sounds like lots of prep work, but I'm sure it's all worth it. I like your signs, especially the bad little kitties. We have a cat like that - Clifford. My sister's large dog is afraid of him and I'm pretty sure it's because Clifford pulled a gun on him.

  2. I hope that there is sunshine in California for you as well. We traveled with 3 young children in parent's RV years ago so I sympathize with the planning necessary to make any trip. Love the idea of books for the boys and we still make sure there are books at Christmas for everyone.

  3. It all sounds very exciting. I hope you and Mr BC have wonderful time.

  4. We don't take our dogs with us for our Christmas camping...17 hours is an awfully long time for them to be in the car! Plus, it gives us some freedom to not worry about them as we're out & about.

  5. Last time I checked there were no storms lined up. We got the last one for a few days. I hope that the Amtraks in the night don't get to you at Carpinteria. heehee Have a great trip!