Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Ten Things on Tuesday


Can I come up with 10 thing?  Let's see....

1.  Last week I finally changed the slip cover on my Ikea sofa.  It will look very Christmassy, with the right accessories, and maybe stay cleaner.

2. Totem was in my face today. It has been 5 days since we took a walk... Rain and clouds. Totem wanted out early, since the sun was finally shining thru his window. I threw on a jacket for our walk and he was delighted.....Time to get out the knit hats and gloves for our daily dog walk, I thought my ears were going to fall off they were so cold, but the sun was shining but it was cold. I had to keep my hands warm with the poop bags. Today is a beautiful day but....Mr BC's, physical therapist said we would have an awful winter, last week when came for his first visit.  This weeks sunshine would belie that statement....but then this is Missouri and weather changes on a dime.

3.  Did you know that Medicare pays for a nurse and a PT, to come to your house when you are released from the hospital at no charge to us?  I didn't know that.  I am sure it depends on how sick you are, but Mr BC's failing kidneys apparently qualify.  It was good to have her around, when it turned out he had to go back to the hospital 4 days after his first release.

4.  We have had a real education on dialysis this week.  I was not aware that in some instances you can DIY at home, and not be chained to the 3 day a week schedule.  We are going to try that first, when Mr BC must go to dialysis...which he will. 

5. I told my grandson Caшa,3+ that I loved him to the moon and back,when we were on the phone and he replied he loved me to the moon and beyond. Snap...he wins.

6.  I don't know what I was thinking, when I went out to run a few errands on the weekend, the first chance I had in my busy week.....first free weekend with Mr BC out of the hospital and the first weekend in December, not smart.  crowds everywhere, even the pet store. I was in and out then home.
Two ladies in jogging suits power walking:

7. I also started back walking at the Mall this week.  It was nice visiting with some of the folks we see out there and catching them up with Mr BC.  They are looking forward to when he can join us again. The men folk wanted to know how he was doing and the ladies wanted to know how I was doing.....Well walking I am doing for myself.

8.  Since we will be home for Christmas, I need to bring a few things down from the loft to decorate.  It will be just us two and DD2.  The California contingent are going to make a trip to Serbia for a change and a different Christmas Day, Jan 7th.  My ladies who walk have a head start with their trees up already.

9. We both miss our Mr Caspar, he was a sweet guy and a good buddy.  It is bittersweet, that he no longer gazes every time I have something to munch on in front of the TV. I realize that now I can eat undisturbed, with out his sweet brown eyes looking longingly at my food and feeling so bad that I couldn't give him any.  He put on a few pounds under our care and I feel bad about that. It took a while for us to realize that he was eating anything not nailed down....including things left in the other dogs bowls.  He was a chow hound.

10. Mr BC and I are entering a new period in our life.  His health is still not back to any sort of normal.  He is in renal failure and that is not changing.  We have that and possible chronic heart failure to look forward to.  I have to be mindful when he request help from me that it is because he really needs my help.  I hear tones of voice enter my head and I need to make sure they don't exit my mouth. I pray for patience every day, and a good nights sleep.


  1. You do have a load. Caregiving in the best of circumstances will stretch your adaptability. I am so sorry that Mr. BC has these health problems. They are not good.

    I'm glad you are going back to walking. I am returning to an exercise program this month. It really helps my mental health as well as my physical health. I pray for the best for you and Mr. BC.

  2. I'm sorry Mr. BC has such health issues. I need to start walking again.

  3. Like you I have to see my husband suffer with bad health. It's the cancer in his case and he's getting worse rather than better. There is nothing else the medics can do for him. It was interesting to read about your 'tones of voice' - it did me good to realise I wasn't the only one!