Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Finish The Sentence Survey Meme

'Pinched' from Akelamalu who pinched it herself. I love the word pinched!!

Maybe I should….Come clean about the cookie dough in the fridge!

I love……Mr Bankerchick, the daughters Bankerchick 1&2 and ice cream

People would say that I …..can't possibly be turning 60 next month,my skin is so smooth. I just tell them put on a few pounds and the wrinkles pop out!

I don’t understand…..What my SIL is talking about when he is explaining his work. I just know he has a Phd. in Engineering Smart Stuff.

When I wake up in the morning…..I remember I have to go to work it is wonderful when I wake up on Saturday and remember I don't have to go to work.

I lost….40 pounds for DD1's wedding and swore I wouldn't put them back on......I guess I lied!

Life is full of….Interesting twists, turns and surprises, oh wait that is my kid's lives. Mine is a little ho hum! Then we do something fun and interesting, then ho hum again!

My past is…... Currently being stored away in an offsite storage space along with Mr BC's MG's. I do know where the key is though.

I get annoyed when…..I can't remember the simplest things I did yesterday or the day before, but can remember everything I ever knew about banking.

Parties are….. Great fun when SIL's Serbian relatives are there!

I wish…..we could cut our losses in the Mideast and pull the boys and girls out but it is not realistic, I truly think we are stuck there.

Dogs (my new Puppie) .... Are full of vim and vigor and great fun to come home to..after a long day at work.

Cats…..can be the Devil's spawn one minute and your best friend the next if they are hungry

Tomorrow…..I am going to buy a new fridge, a Maytag side by side.

I have a low tolerance…..for George Bush and the antichrist... Dick Cheney. I turn them off when they are speaking on TV or Radio then read what they spewed, on the internet. Actually I have a low tolerance for all politicans of any persuasion, and pretty much the Press as well.

If I had a million dollars….. I'd buy a house for my kids and then move in with them.

This was fun and easier to do than a Thursday Thirteen........Thank you Akelamalu

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