Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6


1. How can they think she is adorable just because she wants to play all the time? I could play, however it
seems so needy!

2. Get away from my food it's all that I have....Hmmm...However, I wouldn't mind if you wandered away and left me a bit of that wet meaty stuff. Dang, you're a pig!

3. Stay away from my tail....arrg....stay away from my butt.....

4. Hisss.....NO! I DO NOT WANT TO PLAY!

5. Don't you ever get tired of that fetch game? Wait a minute what is that you're chewing? a treat. I want a treat!

6. Why are they letting you kiss them? Don't they know where that tongue has been?

7. I really can't understand why they are so happy when you bring the ball back. I gave them a dead bird one time and the woman screamed!

8. Thousands of years ago my ancestors were worshiped as gods. Now look at me ...hiding in the closet until they put you in your cage.

9. Did they REALLY think I was going to think you were a kitten, I am a lot smarter than that!

10. Ha! your legs are so short you can't get me, way up here!

11. Is this a cow hoof......eweeee.. where is my catnip toy? Get away from that!!!

12. I can't believe you use the grass to poop right there in front of god and everyone.....and then they say good girl like you were civilized or something.

13. What kind of a name is Gwinnie any way and you really shouldn't come when they call.

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