Saturday, June 30, 2007

I agree, but Hmmm I don't agree

In my last post. the Wonderful Sarge Charlie, took issue with my tolerance level of GW and DICK and I knew he would. Sarge, I am glad you and I can agree to disagree. The prosecution of this war is GW's alone to direct constitutionally. We are there and thousands of American kid's lives rely on having a Commander in Chief. I get it. Unlike GW I do not believe we can win the hearts and minds of the Afgans and Iraquies. and lead them to anything that remotely looks like democracy. Like you, I think there has to be one place where the buck has to stop and the Commander in Chief is in the Oval Office is that spot, no matter who is there.

I personally can not listen to him, I mean I really can not stand the sound of his voice. He irritates me on so many levels, almost all of his politics. immigration, stem cell. personal choice in our private lives. He should not let his personal faith beliefs or personal relationship to big business control what the majority of Americans see as needed like health, like jobs we would do if we could make a living doing it.

His Republican party is not the one I originally signed up for and next time I move and register it will be independant. because the party in charge of legislation on the hill is worrisome to me as well, from a fiscal and big government standpoint. I think the results of the immigration bill that both sides were pushing, shows no one in DC is completely in touch with mainstream America. and maybe now some folks up there are listening to what their constituents are telling them.

Also Dick Cheney is a bad old man! He is old school politics of the worst kind and I am glad he is not in charge of anything but deciding tie votes, wink,wink, nudge, nudge! As if!

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