Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beautiful Sunday in Santa Barbara

Hello from Santa Barbara. I am looking out the window at these mountain but as this is pulled from Yahoo images we are actually a little closer. The kids have a wonderful apartment on the second floor, the wind is blowing and the umpteenth storm has blown through or is about to blow thru. We are cozy waiting for some muffins to come out of the oven mmmm....

My SIL, who is actually a relatively new citizen, about 3 years, is going to vote in his first election this year. He is not taking his citizenship for granted and has involved himself in the Obama campaign. (Those of you who aren't Democrats, who's campaign offices are you working at evenings and weekends? Quiet then... At least he is not working for Hillary.) They went to a celebratory party at headquarters and DD1 said she met some very nice people working at the grassroots, for the candidate they believe in. Since I have what Sarge Charley, called Electile Disfunction, I am paying and not paying attention to everyone.

Away from politics, now. We have had a nice visit, my eldest DD is turning 35 on the 4th of February so we are in celebratory mode, before we leave for home this morning. Gwennie is at home with DD2 in good hands but we are anxious to get back to clean up the mud she has tracked in this week. I am tired of the rain, but we really need it. No drought for us this year, and it has been cold. I could stand a touch of global warming right now. Have a pleasant Sunday.

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