Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lots of interesting things going on in the animal world this week.

The Santa Barbara Zoo, one of my favorite ones, sadly reported the news that Gemina, their oldest and most beloved Giraffe, passed away today. Gemina was known far and wide for her crooked neck, died of old age at 21. She was one of the most popular exhibits at the zoo. The crooked neck was a defect that had nothing to do with her death, and reportedly caused her no ill effects. Every time we went to the zoo we took the long walk to the back of the zoo to see her and the other Giraffe's in their enclosure. She will be missed. Up the coast near San Simeon, north of Santa Barbara, elephant seals are colonizing the beaches. This is a comeback, after nearly being hunted to extinction. It seems a male elephant seal has crossed Highway 1, and has taken up lodging in a large puddle and authorties are worried that he might get too comfy in his new habitat to head back to the beach. More to come on this!

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