Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thought for Thursday (not a Paid Post)

It almost made the grade! In fact I will give it a B for Bamboo Pet toys. They say it is combat tested, but they didn't send it into battle with Gwennie. We have at least a Thursday Thirteen listing of toys that Gwennie has chewed, disembowled and left as tiny pieces of scrap. I am greatful that she has not chewed, furniture or shoes, though we can add one O magazine and Daddy's new 2008 pocket calendar to the list. She keeps her chewing to appropriate toys. They have longer shelf life in the store than in her toy box. The above lasted almost a month as it was brought by Santa, and while it is still in one piece with a little stuffing missing, she still got to it. Most stuffed toys last an afternoon. So this toy still has some life in it and is one we can add to our list of approved chew toys.

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