Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Eleven more Mondays...

But who's counting? I have applied for Social Security online  and I am waiting to get their letter to see what is next. 

I have until the 17th to look over the papers from out HR retirement area, when I will speak again with Robin my specialist about some selections I have to make.  July 29th will be the last day of work, just 4 days after my 64th birthday. It is all closing in fast. 

I have been working hard looking busy at work for the last few weeks.  I start my last new hire class on Monday for 6 weeks. Then I have another week off before I start a 2 week sales class so thank goodness I will be busy.  We have been less than busy and I wonder if they will fill my position when I leave.  Our merger is almost finish so things will probably be changing in the new bank that emerges. 

Monday the rumor, one of many, was our center was closing.  I asked one of the managers where they thought the rumor started and ...he was told by bankers that and it was......drum roll.... because all the signs in the building were taken down.  He had to clarify to the bankers that was because the inside of the building was going to be painted and refurbished, not because we were going to close. We are a profitable site, however, we are in California so if we closed it would not be because the building was being painted but because it costs too much money to do banking center business in California. Business are being run out of CA because the cimate for business is not good. 

I am glad to be leaving rumors and such behind.

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