Sunday, May 29, 2011

Лука's Gramma is Funny

He absolutely cracks up when I say OkeyDokey!  I have spent two lovely days in Santa Barbara, visiting with Лука and of course with his Mamma and Ta Ta. This little boy is just amazing to me.  Now, I know that developmentally he is at just the right age to learn more than one language, but he was playing in the playroom with his Dad, speaking Serbian and on Skype with his Serbian Baba, and then immediately runs into the dining room to Gramma and switches to English without a thought.  He is so much clearer with his English and I guess with his Serbian too.  They don't have cable or broadcast TV.  But he does get about an hour with Netflics or UTUBE videos. Last night we watched some Peppa the Pig and watched the first half hour of Monsters Inc.  in Serbian.  I am amazed that I understand what is going on based on the nouns I have learned, since Лука was an infant, However, animation and music, is universal.  DD1 thinks she could be a Nanny or a nursery school teacher in Serbia with all the Serbian she has picked up, she just doesn't think she could communicate with their parents in anything but elementary Serbian.  I noticed on Baba's las visit though, DD1 was actually holding some conversations.  I still smile and wait for translations but we take mutual joy in this small boy. We speak grandma with each other.

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  1. Children are just amazing aren't they, nothing phases them!