Thursday, May 05, 2011

Jackawawa Extraordinaire

I am TOTEM, Jackawawa Extraordinaire and luckiest dog in Southern California. You see, I was just enjoying myself with my other family when they just disappeared from my life . I was found and sent to the Riverside Humane Society. ( a great bunch of folks but not mine) I had been there about a week when, Saturday, these three humans and another dog came in to look around. Mom initially looked at me and passed on. Then Sis came along, so I did my totem, while the Pomeranian who was sharing the room with me just barked and barked. While my totem had not worked with others, it worked with Sis and she shouted, “Dad! Come here and look at this one.” The kindest pair of brown eyes I had ever seen, shouted, “Mom, look at this! “

The Totem

I visited with the other dog first, who seemed like a nice Welsh girl, smiled a lot. We got along good, but when she told me what a great home she had and what a soft touch her people were, I knew I had to get me a piece of that…! We then were taken to a room where the five of us were able to visit. Sis, Dad and I knew we were meant for each other but I knew that I had to win over Mom and the Corgi; you see; the other dog seemed curious but aloof, but Mom had mentioned that she did not like Chihuahua’s so I leaped into Mom’s lap and kissed her face and said “I’m not a Chihuahua, I’m a lover! They were all smitten, as was I.
That was over 2 years ago and what adventures we have had. The Welsh pup is good but a little crazy she barks at garbage trucks and then thinks that just because the Queen has Corgi’s she is royalty or something. She loves her groceries just a little too much; mom is always putting her on a diet. Heh, heh.. leaving more treats for me. She also has a strange ritual with the water hose that makes me howl in frustration, don’t get any of that water on me!

Dad and Mom, took me to Missouri, right after Christmas and the chow hound had to stay home. I had Dad all to myself after Mom went home. These humans have a habit of wandering off? I looked all over for her for about a week and then contented myself to snuggling next to dad. The Royal Princess will probably like that snow better that I do, it’s wet you know, and she does have that extra layer of fat!

All in all, I think I have a great life here with these folks, they leave for a while but always come back, the food is good, when Gwynne isn’t standing over me, hoping I will leave her a bit and I sleep in the best bed in the house, right next to Dad. It really is a Dog’s Life.

Gwennie’s Rebuttal 

I knew that I had said too much that first day. Especially when you jumped on everyone, including me trying to kiss-up!

Crazy, humph! I am protecting the home and hearth from great loud noises that go away if I bark loud enough! And Water /Water is keeping me hydrated. I can’t help it if your JackaWAWA ancestors come from desert climes.

Chow hound indeed! I just check out your bowl because you are so picky. A lot of food would go to waste if I did not take care of it.

I am not fond of travel, I am just a homebody. Just so you know, Mom left you and came home to me in January!

I do NOT have an extra layer of fat, I have a double coat. The next time you come sniffing around my curvy hips…well let’s just say SNAP!

A dog's life INDEED; you dog!

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