Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Book Review: A Three Dog Life

June of Bye Bye Pie Hosted a Book Club Review of Abigail Thomas, Three Dog Night.  Here are my thoughts on this remarkable little book

Abigail Thomas has written powerfully and lovingly of her happy marriage turned upside down by her husband’s unfortunate accident in NYC. After her husband Rich is hit by a car and brain injured, this memoir chronicles her life with a man who has real no memories of the past and lives shattered in the today.

She tells of the first days when no one though he would survive, of the short time that she brought him home and he broke down into rages, and of the guilt she felt when she had to put him in a facility that deals with traumatic brain injuries.

Not only was Rich’s life drastically changed, so did Abigail’s. She writes poetically of the random thoughts her husband would relate when they were together. She speaks sadly of the times that she and Rich sit together quietly in the hospital and he would not remember who she was, then he would in the next moment say something very profound.

The Three Dog Life, also tells of the three dogs she surrounds herself with during this trying time. How they came into her life and how they helped her cope with her new reality.

I loved the poetry and beauty of this little book. Thomas is a wonderful writer. She opens to us the tragedy and joy of the new relationship she builds with Rich and of the three dogs that enhance her new life.

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  1. After reading this little review and the book club notes from BBP, this book is going on my list!