Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Other women in my Лука's Life

Of course there is Mama, she is his first love and definitely not an other woman.  They are at a birthday in the park for Mia.

Baba Lelia his Лука's California Baba she loves him as if he was her grandson. 
This is Tamara his Au Pair.  She is here from Serbia and will be here one more year.
Mia the Birthday girl, She is one year old, and likes to hug... Лука does not like to hug little girls even if it is her birthday!
So it is his best girl's lap that he finds security from Hugging Girls

Grandma and Grandpa Bankerchick will be seeing him next Tuesday (in the middle of the week no less) helping Mama take care of him, since Tamara will be out of town.  I can't wait!

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  1. He's adorable and I bet you can't wait for next Tuesday. ;)