Saturday, August 06, 2011


1954 MGTF
 Well the first week of retirement is under my belt and I think it went well!  We are going to be moving to the Joplin area, this fall, so I have been preparing for the first of many trips back there.  We tow the 2nd of Mr BC's sports cars back the week of August 22. 

Yesterday we put it in our new Haulmark trailer and we are going to move our storage where the cars were stored, to a smaller unit, eventually paring it down to a trailer load or less.  This will take us most of the fall.  Today the news said gas would be going down, and Mr BC and I Cheered!

DD2 is seriously thinking of moving back with us.  She is going to make one of the trips back with us to check out the jobs scene. It is right smack in the center of the county, so she should be able to check out jobs, in the surrounding states.  I already have several bags of clothes and 2 boxes of household items for the Salvation Army, so we plan to make a delivery this weekend.

Totem found his red ball, (MAJOR OBESSION) and turned into a bit of a tyrant.  I put it in a drawer last night and this morning he got up and started searching everywhere for it.  It made me so sad I got it out for him again.  So he is sitting next to my feet right now guarding it.  I am a pushover for my dogs.

I cleaned out the hall closet and, the linen closet is next. I am focusing on closets now, so they will be ready to pack up when the time comes. If nothing else we are down sizing 20+ years in the same location.  Mr BC use to move us around about every 5 years or so when the kids were small.  DD1 was ready to start High School when we moved here so we settled down.  Clutter happens when you stay in the same place.  So we are on the move.  The dining room is our staging area, and it looks like a disaster.

Mr BC made me some oatmeal for breakfast so I am off to start my day. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Before you know it will be one year of retirement - life flies by when you're enjoying yourself. x