Friday, October 07, 2011

The Stars are Against Me

Aargh,,,, I got up this morning feeling bad,,,I have popped some Claritin and some Aleve and I am hoping for best. I have so much work to do and since Mr Bankerchick was laid up last week with a wonky ankle and could not walk.We are so behind. We want to take a load of furniture to Missouri and be back by the end of the month, If this turns into the real thing I am sunk.
Лука was the picture of health this week so it is not something I picked up from him.  I just hope I have not left behind a bug for him. Mommy and Ta Ta beware, start the vitamin C!

When I got home yesterday, the dogs had missed me. I was showered in kisses and wiggling butts. Totes has not left my side since, and I have two permanent shadows.

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