Friday, March 23, 2012

Hope-Write on Edge

Write on Edge has been all about Hope this week. This is a prequel to another story Epitaph. I need to figure out a title for this story.
Newburn 1824
Charlotte could not remember a time when she and John did not live in Aunt Jane’s small cottage just outside the gates of Newburn Hall, She and John had been orphaned at the ages of 3 and 4 years old, respectively and Aunt Jane was the only parent they knew.  She did her best for them on the small income she received from an inheritance.  They did not have much growing up; however they were well loved by their dear aunt.

She did remembered when John  was seven, he was sent to the parish day school when it first opened.  She also remembered Aunt Jane trying to soothe her when she cried that she was not allowed to go as well.

"It would not be proper for a little girl to attend school with young boys; we will continue your education here at home.” She smiled and continued, “There are many domestic skills that I can teach you, which will enable you to be a good wife and mother one day.”

Six year old Charlotte pouted, She did not want to be a good wife; she wanted to go to school with John, read books, and travel to London and beyond. She knew that she had no hope of going to school with John, but she would read every book in the circulating library, when she was older, and she would find her way to London and beyond one day.  This was not only her hope, but was a promise she made to herself that day.

Aunt Jane took the mending from Charlotte’s hand that morning, and replaced it with one of her beloved drawing pencils and handed her a small slip of paper from her drawing book. “Let us try a hand at drawing,” said Aunt Jane. “Why don’t you start with a circle?”
According to Dante, the gates of hell are inscribed “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” I challenged you to be inspired by such a warning.


  1. You go, girl. I a rooting for little 3 year old Charlotte. It was a sign of the times, I'm sure, in 1824. It takes just one strong little girl to set the wheels in motion. Her aunt will have a handful until that time. Great story.

  2. I have a feeling Charlotte is not abandoning hope. :)

    I enjoyed the peek into another time.

  3. I enjoyed this. If Charlotte's determination isn't smothered she should go far.

  4. I love that it starts with a circle. Symbolism makes me happy.