Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Busy Weekend

Gwennie unaware of weekend excitement to come.

This will be a busy weekend.  DD2 is going to be moving out soon.  So this weekend we are going to make some decisions about paint and carpeting.  Mr BC and his sister own a small rental house they inherited from their mom, and DD2 will be moving in, I will be sharing some befores and afters as we make some changes to the property.

Mr BC's sister is going away for the weekend so we will be dogsitting their pooches.  One was Grandmas little dog and she is about 15 or 16 years old so there will be a house full here before too long.  So our two dogs are going to be having a play date and overnite.

I have already skyped with the grandsons and Caшa is growing fast, he is already 12 pounds and has the brightest eyes.  Лука, is moving beyond the small world of home. He went to the park on Thursday and was hit in the head with a rock. OUCH!  That was the topic of conversation along with the airplanes made of Legos.  He has another playdate at his house with Jasper and one of his two dads, what a modern world.  

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  1. I hope the dogs have a good time! Our girls spend too much time barking at dog guests and not enough time playing!