Thursday, June 07, 2012

What to do in June-Mama Kat's Writers Workshop

I have been so busy the past few months, that I have neglected my blog. I still read my favorites and try to comment when I can. I checked out Momma Kat's Writers Workshop today and saw a prompt that I can whip out quickly. I chose  Ten To-Dos in June. (inspired by Denise) The first on my list will be:

1.  Close escrow on our house, finish packing and get out of California. This will take up the first half of June.

2. Arrive in Missouri and be mugged by the puppies.  I have been gone for over a month.  I miss them so much.

3.  Find a doctor and dentist in our new town.  I need to have prescriptions refilled and since I swallowed a crown that fell off last month get it replaced, with the new dentist.

4.  Wave good-by and good luck to DD2 who will be moving into her own house.  She has been living with us for quite a while, as she was completing her degree.  She has actually moved in but has been house-sitting for us with the puppies.

5. Run around the house naked.....if I want... and express my own opinions, without getting into a long discussion of how wrong I am.

6.  Watch some television.  I have been without cable and TV since I've been in CA. We turned it off in November and moved the TV to Missouri.  I did leave the WIFI on so we could watch Netflix.

7.  Start unpacking some of our possessions, move out some of my MIL possessions that we have been living with while waiting for my own stuff. Enjoy the new couch we will bring with us from this trip.  Enjoy having our garage back, once the unpacking is done.

8.  Take the pups to a new vet, to get Gwennies teeth cleaned and get heartworm prevention. (we did not have to worry about this in our old home)

9.   Plan a week of vacation for July with the RV.

10.  Really start enjoying our new home and living mortgage free!  Maybe we can start enjoying our retirement!


  1. Congratulations on #10! That is awesome!

  2. Endorsing Michelle's comment... may your future be happy and settled.

  3. Woo-Hoo to #5! I, too, have contemplated running around our new house naked. But then again, I'd have to wait till the babies are asleep so not to scare them. hehe. Also, #10 makes me smile!! congrats! Thank you for stopping by my blog :D

    Sugar in My Grits

  4. You swallowed your crown???? :0

  5. Congrats on a mortgage free, and apparently empty-nest life!

  6. So glad you will be able to start getting settled. What a beautiful home. Mortgage free? Wow! That is such an accomplisment. Congrats. And congrats to your daughter and the new place and new job. How exciting.