Saturday, July 07, 2012

It gets me thru the night-Saturday 9

1. What helps you get through the night?
I dunno, Sleep?

2. Do you ALWAYS keep an open mind?
I try, I have always been able to keep an open mind on all 3 juries I have served on in my life.  I will listen before I make any decision. 

3. Who is the wisest person you know?
I think I am the wisest person I know. I am not sure everyone I know would agree with me, but I think I make good decisions most of the time. However,  
wisdom doesn't necessarily mean you are smart.

4. Who is the strongest person you know?
Almost all of the folks I know are not physically strong, but I know a few souls who have other strengths.

5. How would we tell by your behavior if you are having a bad day?
My brow would be furrowed and I would become passive aggressive or sarcastic. I would be talking to myself. I would seldom be confrontational I would be quiet instead.

6. Does your ego sometimes get in your way?
Yes, I really hate to admit I am wrong (my dad was the same way).  I have tried to get better at it by forcing myself to apologize and say I am wrong.  See #5.

7. Do you believe in Zen? If yes, can it be mastered?
I don't know a lot about it but I am sure it can be mastered, even if your aren't a Vulcan.

8. Do you believe you could teach someone, like your child, to be competitive?
I don't personally believe I could teach someone to be competitive.  See #6.

9. Do you believe home is not a place but rather a state of mind?
Yes, I am home now here in MO, but I am also home when I am in Santa Barbara with my grandsons. The house we just sold is not my home, but San Gabriel is the home I grew up in. It is definitely a state of mind.


  1. i talk to myself a lot more when i am upset, too. and not usually in nice words.

  2. Clearly all those lawyers thought you had an open mind...3 times?!?! Have you tried out your ice cream maker yet? :)

  3. My ears get red when I'm mad and kids joke that if I'm quiet and my ears a red, everyone should run for the hills!

  4. Hahaha--walking away muttering to myself with my brow

  5. I've never had to serve on a jury but I'm like you--I would try to keep as open a mind as possible.

  6. I could easily be at home in Santa Barbara.

    Have a great rest of your Saturday!

  7. I am going to look up a chillow, sounds interesting. We will all hope for something positive in November. Good seeing you, Jim

  8. I usually go quiet if I'm having a bad day. I guess it's my way of telling others to stay away.

  9. You've served on three juries????