Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moves Like Jagger-Saturday 9

1. Who makes the best moves in your life?
My Grandsons move me to laughter and love every time I see them.
2. Tell us about a time where you had to be selfish with your time, and felt guilty about it (whether it was time taken from your children or a significant other.
This is about the boys as well. While they are infants, I have a hard time spending more that a few days at a time, with them, because they just wear me out.  I really feel guilty about this one.  I just have a hard time getting up and down, or walking the baby when he is fussy. This fortunately or unfortunately is a very short time.  Лука at 3 is now willing to let me sit in a chair next to him as we play. He so enjoys that I get down to his level to play cars or trains, that I will play when he asks and I can suffer all night for it.
3. Do you feel that you can create more sex appeal or that it's just a given?
I forget. What exactly is sex appeal?

4. Do your religious beliefs really influence your behavior?
My lack of religious beliefs can impact my conversation, if I am with someone who really have strong beliefs.  I won't agree or disagree or discuss them.  I also find if someone finds this out, they always want to change my mind. I can get riled up when fundamentalists want to bring their beliefs to all of our lives.

5. Do you feel there are some things in a significant other that you can't change because of their sex?
ABSOLUTELY! You can't enter a relationship, thinking you can change anything.

 6. Do you see a younger less secure person when you gaze in the mirror?
No! My rose colored glasses and magic mirror broke.
7. If you have ever been pregnant, or have been with a woman who was, how did effect your sex life?
Once you have children, it is never really the same. It changes but not necessarily for the worst.

8. What would you like to work on to become a better person?
 Pour yourself some coffee. Where do I start?

9. When did you think that you understood the sacrifices that people in the military make on behalf of their country?
In 1965, when someone I knew was killed in Vietnam.


  1. Your answer to #4 made me sad because I so understand it. I'm a Christian and I work at it, but those Fundamentalists make me afraid to proclaim it openly because they have shang hai'd my faith.

  2. I like your answers and agree they are dumb but can provoke some off the wall responses. Really depends on how you are feeling at the time.

  3. #2 Reminded me of my grandnephew who is 6, he will come up with these wild fantasies like the time he went flying with superman. You have to sit there and look interested and keep from laughing.

  4. I agree with your #4. I can't tell you how many people who've told me I was wrong for no longer following a religion. I've never once told someone they were stupid for being religious, so it irritates me when my views are not respected.

  5. Vietnam was a popular answer this week. By the time I hit #9, I was too wasted from the stupid questions preceding it.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. ROFLMAO at "Pour yourself some coffee. Where do I start?" Perfect!!!!!!!

  7. Smiled at 3 and 6. Great answers.
    No.4 - I refuse to discuss religion with anyone.
    Heehee thanks for the coffee.

  8. I love spending time with my grandchildren too but they do wear me out! LOL