Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Tropical Christmas-Writer's Workshop

In 1967 when Mr BC and I got married, he immediately swept me off for a year in Key West, FL.  He was in the Navy and had shore duty on the island.  When we married, I became part of the Navy way of life and there were a few things I had to get use to, like Mr BC laundry.  He didn't like the way I folded his socks and underwear, they "wouldn't pass inspection that way."  I did it for a while but finally told him since the Navy wasn't likely to come and inspect our bedroom drawers (so to speak).  If he wanted them folded "right" he could do it himself.  My first fit of stubborness.

We spent our first Holidays together in Key West.  On Thanksgiving I went down to the Mess Hall where he was a Storekeeper, to eat dinner with him,  since he had the Duty.  He told me just before my parents arrived for Christmas, that he had the duty all day Christmas.  To say I was disappointed would be an understatement.  I hated the Navy right then and there. We decided he would leave early the next morning and we would open our presents to each other and have Christmas dinner that evening as he couldn't find anyone to work for him.  "It's Christmas!" was his response. 

He got up, dressed in his uniform and I tearfully sent him off to work that morning. Mom, Dad and my little brother set around our tiny tree to open our presents to each other and then walk to the beach later. while I loved having them there that Christmas, I wanted to spend  morning with Mr BC too. As I was passing around some coffee and muffins, the door bell rang and I wondered who would be calling that early. I opened the door and there was my sweet Sailor standing with a Santa Hat on his  head waiting for a hug.  "Surprise!"

We had a great first Christmas, enjoying a lovely sunny day at the Beach with my brother while my dad cooked his usual fantastic dinner.  I remember that day now, with a smile on my face as I write about it now. 

"Merry Christmas Memories to you all!"

This week I chose prompt #2.  Share a favorite Christmas memory.


  1. A delightful post. Is he still as tidy? Happy Christmas!

  2. Lovely! Christmas at the beach was always so much fun! Happy Thursday!!

  3. Ah the adjustments that face newly-weds!

    Enjoyed this story very much. Hmmm I didn't know there was a special way to fold socks!

    Happy Christmas.

  4. How romantic!!!!

    Ah yes, Christmas at the Mess Hall. My family ate there for many holidays when my father was in the military.

    It actually was pretty good food.

  5. This was the perfect Christmas story. We got married around Christmas time and I remember feeling so out of sorts. The closest thing to this in my life was about 15 years ago when we were in Atlanta and my oldest was an only child of four (and only grandchild to my husband's parents.) My sister-in-law had her first, Dec. 21 -today - so they took off to Tennessee to spend the holiday with her. I pouted to my husband how it won't seem like Christmas without a big family meal. I thought "how selfish of them." Ha. Who was selfish? Anywho. I fixed a turkey breast, StoveTop stuffing and opened a can of cranberries. It was so relaxed and wonderful It turned out to be one of the best Christmas days ever.

  6. Such wonderful memories :) I'd love to spend one Christmas on a sunny beach - - I simply must make that happen.