Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Helar and Grandmother had been walking for many sun risings. Her grandmother was healer and seer for the family, training Helar in the old wisdom. They both were weary. The women and children ahead stopped at the sight of the returning hunters, had Burn the Spearhead found a site for the family?  "We will stop here and build our shelters.” He announced.  Helar was spellbound by the sight of the clearing in the foothills. A river nearby, led to a small lake, in the distance. 

Helar took the bundle of skins from her grandmother,  From the bundle she pulled the grinding stone, flints and bones that were needed for living. She plucked out the plants she had gathered and lay them with the tools . Grandmother picked up some of the flowers and leaves and nodded in approval at her contributions.“You did well, these roots are for wounds and these grasses are grains.”
At midday, Helar,sat at the grinding stone, her mind drifting to the days, when her parents and brother were still alive. Grandmother had cast the stones, predicting the war. She warned the Spearhead. “We must leave before the Bearmen come. If we do not, we will die.”  Burn did not listen, believing the family should remain and fight. Too late, he discovered all was lost, retreat was fated. The remaining family, barely escaped.

“Thunder Stars!” she cried out. “Why did Burn not listen to grandmother?” She battered the grinding stone with the pestle, smashing the grains to powder. "He should have heeded grandmother’s counsel!  Burn’s father had always listened to grandmother, why is the son so big-headed?   “He will listen to me when I am Seer or I will crush his Spearhead,” she vowed, as she cast another handful of grain on the stone.
“Helar?” She looked up into the dark eyes of Burn. “I would talk to the Grandmother, I need her counsel.” Perceptively, she smiled and said, “Yes, we knew you would come.”

I am joining the Trifecta site this week and we are writing about:

This week's word is:CRUSH (transitive verb)

1a : to squeeze or force by pressure so as to alter or destroy structure
b : to squeeze together into a mass
2 : hug, embrace
3 : to reduce to particles by pounding or grinding



  1. Wow! I like this. Nice job. Interesting challenge. I'll have to go read up on it.

  2. this story creates an atmosphere of its own; nice response to the prompt

  3. Wise woman. Enjoyed this very much.

  4. I like the emphasis that Helar is learning a trade, rather than that she has a specific gift. It makes her seem very wise!

  5. I had expected 'crush' to be used when she was handling the plants- nice that it was used with what she would do with his spear if he didn't listen.

  6. This feels like part of a larger piece; interesting glimpse into this society you've created.

  7. I'm really into the voice you created here - the great feeling of pre-society you were able to conjure up without being explicitly "me Tarzan, you Jane" with the language. Great!

  8. This is super interesting. Thanks so much for linking up with us this week. Great to have you around. Come on back on Friday for our weekend challenge.