Thursday, December 13, 2012

Krafty Katie-Mama Kat's

This week I chose Mama Kat's prompt #4 Share your top 8 favorite Christmas crafts you’ve seen on the Internet that you might actually try if you had the time and the tools. Well the first three crafts are ones that I have already purchased the tools and ingredients, if you will, for creating the little masterpieces.  I am not particularly a crafter at heart, but many times I get inspired by Christmas and feel the need to Deck the Halls.  I only had the first three below, on my Pinterest, but I looked around the Internet and found some additional crafts that might interest me in the future.  I also provided links to the instructions, just click on the pictures.

You can find these snow globes all over the Internet.  I love the idea that Epsom salt is used for the snow.  I will probably complete mine sometime this week and will take a picture.  I have a cute figurine to place in mine and a great old canning jar that has a vintage clasp on it.  Paul's mother left quite a few canning jars so I could make a whole forest of them.  I will work with one this year....I think.  I am currently looking for a glass cloche top, because I have a tiny tree with lights on it and I will need to turn them on and off.

These are cute wire ornaments and look like something that I might be able to create.  I found the jewelry wire at The Wal-mart so I am going to give this a try.  I might try doing the grandson's names in English cursive and maybe try the Serbian Cyrillic.  I will report back.

I love this wreath and the story the Headmistress gives about all the memories the ornaments gave her over the years.  I thought this may be a great idea for my box of holiday bling that is currently in storage.  Since we use a mini tree now, there is not enough room to use the old Christmas ornaments of my girls youth and while I have given a few of them to the girls I still have so many that hold dear memories to Mr BC and me. I have the glue gun and the bling, I need to go to Michael's tomorrow to get a twig wreath,

This is a sweet wreath made with Styrofoam balls, MogPoge and Epsom salts again. Apparently the picture doesn't do the sparkle factor justice. The blogger said the Styrofoam balls cost a small fortune and should be purchased with a coupon and on sale.  I like the all white decorations that I have seen on all the design blogs.

This is done with glass glitter and looks beautiful, this is something I might try one year soon. 

This is an old idea that my mom and I did too many, many years ago with Reader's Digests. We spray painted ours and they were real cute.  We used them for many years in the entry way of my childhood home, we would touch up the paint every few years.  This was 40+ years ago. 
These are mulling spice sachets and can be made to mull apple cider or make a special smell.  I added this as a craft as it is something I would like to reproduce from my childhood,  My mom always made Mulled Cider for Christmas Eve along with the egg-nog. 

This is a really cute gift for little builders and seems very simple, The directions are on the related blog.  This would make great stocking-stuffer for the grandsons or any child.  It is made with craft sticks and Velcro tabs.  I could easily do this.  I will try it next year.
What are you crafting for Christmas?


  1. Oh I think that this craft stick project is wonderful. That could be used for school, too.

  2. I love the epsom salt as snow idea. I pinned that the other day but haven't gotten around to it yet. Sigh. Maybe next year!

  3. I'm not crafty at ALL! But I love the snowglobe one. I think my son and I will have to give it a whirl! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the trees in jars. And the idea of mulling spice sachets as gifts :)

    Just stopped in via Mama Kat's!

  5. I love the wreaths! So pretty--now you've got me feeling crafty!

  6. All super cute! I love the wire ornaments and the wreaths. Those velcro sticks are super fun. I could make those for my class. Love it all!

  7. I love all these ideas and can't wait to have a go. An immediate yen is turn some magazines into trees.... I have plenty so wish me luck. Thank you for this very useful post.

  8. I'm loving the snow globe - looks like a little miniature Narnia in that jar :) I'm not much of a crafter myself, but occasionally certain projects look easy enough and are so pretty, that you just have to give them a try. That glass glitter pear is beautiful!