Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting Back to Normal, One Step at a Time.

I am taking baby steps as I get back to blogging.  The A-Z challenge took a lot out of me.  I am just now starting to get back to reading all the folks that I now follow.  I have been looking at the writing prompts from WOE and Trifecta for a couple of weeks now and just cringe at the idea of trying to write anything.

This morning's Today Show, has all sorts of bad news from Washington.  Obama is having a difficult second term, with many scandals that will be his fault, as they came to light under his watch. 

The scandals  range from the Bengasi attack and selecting the wrong men to examine sexual assault/harassment in the Army, to IRS investigation of the Tea Party and the recruiting of double agents in Russia.  Where will it all end?  I am so disappointed.

On the light side, we had a lovely Skype conversation with DD1 and grandsons, Caшa and Лука.  It was 7:30 am, their time, and they were just up.  Лука was still rubbing his eyes, and wanted to eat.  His day begins with a trip to the park to see his friends.  DD1 is looking into soccer day camp for him this summer.  His experience with pre-school was not so good (to loud?) and now he does not want to go to school...anywhere!  Caшa was on a roll. At 15 months he is dynamite.  When he saw me, he was all smiles, and we decided..... as he was backing up into the computer....... that he was trying to sit on my lap.  What a hoot he is and a handful; he did not stop moving the entire call; coming into and out of the picture the whole time.  DD1 says it will be a while before she gets on an airplane with him.


  1. Your grandchildren are adorable! :)

  2. I LOVe the fact that the little one was trying to sit on your lap! That is adorable! I find it interesting that Slyka found pre-school to be too loud. My granddaughter, Lily, is also experiencing this. She is 4. She was born with hypotonia, a low-muscle condition. She had a slow first year and a half, but has now caught up physically as far as walking, etc. She is still tiny for her age, about 26 pounds. My daughter found out that another symptom COULD be a sensitivity to sound. Lily does not like crowds, loud noises, is afraid of hand dryers in public bathrooms, hair dryers, etc. She didn't like going to a particular babysitter because there were too many kids there. Lily is very, very smart and has a vocabulary way beyond a four year old.

    I know what you mean about the A-Z challenge. I was totally wiped out!

  3. Oh, I hope to see you back around here soon. :)
    Nice to have some nice "time" with your babies. I agree though, things have been so disappointing, disheartening.
    I'm finding it hard to write these days too. I have lots to say, but don't always feel like taking the time to form it into anything coherent. Good luck!

  4. Doesn't it make the world seem a little brighter when you see those faces?
    The A to Z challenge was fun but I agree it's been hard to get back to blogging. I am glad I found you though :)

  5. Think about those perfect babies and don't worry to much about Washington. They'll sort it out eventually. It's horrible but it's sad to say it's nothing new.. Glad you're back.