Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I Survived....Many Things

I talked about how I was feeling about this challenge here. If I do this again, I believe I will have a theme and I have another year to think about it.  I appreciate my new followers.  I have 70 now,  Woo Hoo! I have also found some new blogs to add to my reading list and now that I am back I am catching up and commenting.  It is not as daunting a task to read and comment because not all of my new reads are posting every day.  Life is getting back to normal.

Clinton Daily Democrat
I had a nice break from blogging last week.  I went to a Blue Grass festival in Clinton MO.  I can't say the weather was nice.  we actually had snow on Friday, in May!  The music was great a lot of picking and grinning and we had a fun time with Maggie and Jiggs despite the foul weather.  The new RV held up well and when we were inside, we were very cozy.  After we took a trip last January, I told Mr BC no more winter camping.  Who would have thought snow in May in central MO?


  1. I love bluegrass festivals! Glad you had a good time :).

  2. Let's give it up for new followers!

  3. I'd love to go to a bluegrass festival. Snow in May is crazy but I've known it to snow in June here!

  4. One year it snowed on my birthday in May, it really upset me...grins. But like Akelamalu said, we've also had it in June.

  5. We had a rain/snow mix today. I'm rather ready for the snow to be DONE. Grrrr.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  6. Congratulations on taking part in the challenge and for a most detailed Reflection Post.

  7. Congrats on finishing the Challenge! It's always a daunting task, but I've enjoyed every year I've participated. Each time, you pick up on things to do the next year. I can't say it gets easier, but you do develop a bit of a rhythm.

    Whew, camping in the snow. You're a brave one! I hope you thaw out soon. We are FINALLY seeing the sun here in Georgia!

    Happy to have met you during the challenge :)