Sunday, June 02, 2013

Utterly Obsessed.... With Nothing at All
My current obsession are games.  I have been a bad blogger, Usually when I can't write I at least do my rounds and comment. But I mostly Lurk.  I have been seriously hooked on games.  I have been mindlessly playing at Nick Mom, Yahoo, and Facebook.  I use to play a few word games every morning first thing to get the mind warmed up, but lately it has moved more toward obsession.  We started turning the TV off at 9am, but now I think I have to turn the computer off as well.

We have had rain for over a week, with lots of storms that have been very scary, Think Moore OK, those storms went moved on to MO and while we suffered no damage they had potential.  Mr BC follows the weather on his laptop during the storms and I wring my hands.

This is Mr BC's high school reunion weekend.  We went to a dinner last night and it was a very small crowd for an all school reunion, There was a bigger crowd at the picnic.  I got to meet some more of the guys and gals Mr BC has talked about, lo these many years.  Mostly I was a little bored because Maggie and Jiggs weren't there.  We came home, and after a weekend of not taking the dogs with us when we went out, we took them for a walk in the park. They were so happy!

Well, I am going to scale back this week on the game playing and get back to writing and looking after my house.  I will check everyone out and make comments as well.  Also I plan to go back to my writing prompts and try harder to put some of my thoughts down.


  1. Welcome back. Totally understand the blog slump :)

  2. I can understand your obsession with games to take your mind of things, like big NASTY winds that go round and round. Gah! Welcome back. Blue Eye is where my very close friend lives and some of those winds got VERY close to there. Glad they missed you all.

  3. Those games are time suckers! Words, Angry Birds, Song Pop, Draw Something, they've all taken gobs of my time.

  4. I too am a sucker for games. First I played games on the computer, then I got the iPad. Need I say more...grins.
    Glad you are safe from the bad weather. We get reports on our television about your weather conditions so I'm always up to date.

  5. I am currently playing lots of Scramble with Friends and SongPop, so I completely understand! Stay safe! I will see you around, I am sure!

  6. Sometimes, it's hard to think of topics, other times they just pour out. As for games, I still have my "Myst" series. Sometimes I go back and play for a while. Never finished Myst III How ancient in the world of games am I!